You are a mom working full-time, raising a family, and trying to build a business on the side. You want to create an amazing life for your family, but all you feel since you started this thing is frazzled. You are stressed out, overwhelmed and about ready to quit.


You feel like the only solution to this problem is for someone to make a clone of you.  Maybe if there were two of you, you would be able to get everything done. 


Or, you make to-do lists.  A list for work, a list for home, and a list for your business.  But when you go to find the list, it has disappeared, so you make a new one.  It's a never-ending pile of lists, just like your things that need to be done!


I have a solution for you.


I can help you go from stressed and overwhelmed to calm, cool, and collected. You will be a Tenacious Woman who gets stuff done and trashes that to-do list!


Tenacious Tactics: The Tenacious Woman's tricks to tackle time, increase productivity, and improve efficiency, will walk you through exactly how to banish those to-do lists, and start getting things done. 


This book will help you free up one to two hours a day by the end of 30 days, possibly even more than that.  You will learn why to-do lists don't work, and how to systematize your life to consistently create results.  You will have less stress and more energy.  You will even learn how you can eliminate mom guilt or wife guilt!


You get all of this for just $5.95


The time savings of this book is worth over $1200 in 30 days.  


And, you will also get the Tenacious Tactics workbook, a $25 Value for FREE!


I will even guarantee that you get results.  If you have followed the book, completed the journal, and you have not freed up an hour a day, I will give you your money back.


If you love the book, and you want more, I am available for individual coaching and workshops.


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