Thousands of women have experienced domestic violence.  It is a huge and growing problem in our country and our world.  We think that our dilemma is over when we get out of the bad relationship, but unfortunately, the trauma is carried with us long after we leave.


Some signs that you are holding onto the past trauma are feeling like you are not enough, like you are not worthy of success, being fearful of reaching out to people, of putting yourself out into the world, feeling like people are going to judge you for being you.


In the Heal class, you will learn how to begin processing emotions in a healthy way.  Then you will learn how to start recognizing your judgements of yourself and others and how to start eliminating those judgements.  Once you start eliminating judgements you will learn how to start releasing the trauma that you have trapped within you.  


The result will be you fully accepting who you are, who you were created to be, what you were created to do, and what your mission is on this earth.  You will be unapologetic and unstoppable! 


And, you will begin creating every result you want in your life.