The Power of Focus

Our circumstances in life create thoughts in our brain. 99.9% of the time we ignore the thoughts in our brain. But those thoughts control everything in our life.

Our thoughts control everything in our life because our thoughts cause emotions within us. Our emotions then drive our actions, and our actions produce our results.

As we go through life shit is going to happen. Life is naturally 50% good and 50% shit 😜

If we choose to focus on the shit then we just get more of it. For example, someone treats us badly and we think "no one ever cares about me." If we choose to focus on that thought, more evidence will be produced. We will remember another time someone treated us badly, and we create this downward spiral of sadness, shame, and frustration.

However, if we use the power of focus to notice when we start to feel crappy, then we can ask ourselves "What thought am I having that's making me feel this way." Then we can get curious! Why am I thinking this? Is that really what that situation meant? Or was that person just having a shitty day?

We can then CHOOSE to focus on another thought that SERVES us better!

That thought can make us feel great.

When we feel great we get productive.

And when we get productive, we get the results we WANT!

Choose to take your power back! Choose to take control of your thoughts and direct them where to go.

Just as a budget tells your money where to go, your thought work will tell your thoughts where to go!

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