Pretty Little Lies

You know that person you always see on Facebook complaining about their life. They have miserable story after miserable story about how people have done them wrong. How crazy shit happens to them all the time. When you see them in person they have that miserable countenance that says if you speak to me you will be miserable too. Their story is easy to see. Their story is my life is miserable, bad things happen to me, and I will never have a good life.

But what about your story?

Often the story we tell ourselves isn't so obvious. The story we tell ourselves includes subtle, pretty little lies, that we eventually believe. As we start to believe them, those pretty little lies become our story. The pattern that repeats over and over in our lives. What's your story?

Is it that nothing ever works for you?

That you aren't smart enough?

That you don't have the right education?

That you don't have enough money?

These lies that you are telling yourself are creating this reality in your life.

You want to hear some great news though?

The great news is that you get to change that story because you have the privilege of choosing what thoughts you focus on. And changing what thoughts you focus on allows you to re-write your story. Just like your lies laid the foundation of your current story, your new chosen thoughts lay the foundation for your new story. The more you focus on these thoughts, the more these new thoughts start to become your reality.

What if you believed that everything you touched turned to gold?

What if you believed that you are smart enough to figure anything out?

What if you believed that you do have enough education to do anything you want?

What if you believed you always have more than enough money to do anything you want?

What would change in your life?

What would you accomplish?

I imagine it would be a whole hell of a lot more than you are accomplishing now with your pretty little lies.

Perhaps you would be helping orphans across the globe to have access to education and food. Or maybe you would be training women to grow a business that allows them to move out of poverty.

What is that dream that you've been saying isn't possible for you?

I'm here to tell you that it IS possible when you re-write your story and drop all those pretty little lies.

I'm going to show you how to drop them for good in my upcoming workshop: Silencing the Mean Girl Inside. So if you are ready to make that dream a reality, get registered today by clicking the link below.

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