Positive Parenting Solutions

The online course that is saving my relationship with my kids.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a very terrible evening we had one night. I had just passed all of my licensing exams, and my son had just won first place in the science fair! I wanted to take the kids out for dinner to celebrate, and I did not want to expend the energy needed to cook dinner.

Unfortunately, this evening ended in us going home without dinner because my 11 year old had thrown a huge tantrum outside the restaurant. I had yelled, screamed, chased after her, threatened her, and basically lost my cool!

I was exhausted and at a loss for why a child her age would throw such a fit! I was also exhausted from dealing with my 4 year-olds fits all week! Something had to give! I wanted to know why we were having so many issues, and how to fix it. I also wanted to like my kids again. I wanted to enjoy my time with them, and not be so mad all the time. I wanted to get through tantrums without having an adult tantrum in response! (Hopefully I am not the only one that did this.)

The very next day, I came across the Positive Parenting Solutions class on Facebook. I immediately signed up! I have barely touched on all of the classes and solutions offered in this course, and my relationship with my children has already been transformed! I am now a recovering yeller!

I recently saw several stories of tragic loss of children. Children way too young to leave this world. I was bathing my 4 year-old the other night, and as I looked at his face, I felt that closeness and love again. I felt that longing to protect him and keep him safe instead of frustration and guilt. I am so grateful to have that feeling back! I want to share their program with everyone!

Not only has this program helped with tantrums, it has also helped prompt the children to help me with everything around the house! I now have a child helping to set the table, cook dinner, clean off the table, and wash dishes every single night! And, the boys are putting up their own clothes! I really cannot say enough positive things about this course! You can visit their website for a free webinar that will tell you how to get your kids to listen without nagging, reminding or yelling.

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