My Favorite Productivity Tips

Are you a mom and finding it hard to stay PRODUCTIVE with your business?

We’ve all been there, sis!

It doesn’t have to be like this though…

There are SO MANY ways to eliminate stress and that feeling of being TOTALLY overwhelmed and drained!

Here are a few productivity TIPS that have saved me more than once!

-Drag yourself out of bed an hour earlier in the morning rather than doing an hour extra in the evening. I find it hard to shut off and get a good night's sleep when I’m working late!

-Meal prep (this one’s a real life saver!) Prepping meals for the week will save you SO much time in the evenings, especially if you have a house full of hungry kids like me!

-Eliminate any distractions - switch the TV off and put your phone on silent - and don’t try to clean the house and do your work tasks at the same time!

Plan, plan, plan! Write LOTS of lists and prioritize your tasks.

I used to REALLY struggle with productivity…

I have 5 kids aged between 7 and 17 and I’ve always put my kids first. I ALWAYS make sure I go to the baseball games, I NEVER miss a family meal and I’m ALWAYS there for my kids on the weekends.

This used to mean that my business took a HIT. I was tired (exhausted, in fact - being a mom ain’t easy) and I didn't feel productive or motivated when it came to running my business.

After years of struggling with being productive with my business, I finally put in place a SYSTEM. A system that WORKS.

I’ve finally discovered SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE ways of being more productive.

And as a result, I am MORE PROFITABLE in my business.

If I can do it, so can YOU.

You CAN do it all: be a mom, be a wife and be a bad ass business woman.

Do you have any productivity tips for momma entrepreneurs? Share them down below!

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