5 Steps to Starting Your Week Strong

Updated: May 6, 2020

Get prepared for your week and save time all week long!

Having a successful week starts with how you prepare for it. Making a plan or a schedule and making sure everything you need for that schedule is ready on Sunday night, makes for a smooth-sailing week. That is, until life throws you a curveball with a sick kid or a play you knew nothing about! These are the 5 things that I do every Sunday to make sure my week runs smoothly.

1. Do Your Laundry on Sunday

I know it might sound weird to do all your laundry on one day, but I have been doing this since I went back to work. When I was home, doing a load a day was no big deal. But, when you get home at 6 pm, have to cook dinner, wash dishes, help with homework, and bathe the kids; putting up a load of laundry at 9 pm when you should be drinking a glass of wine and making out with your husband, is the absolute last thing you want to do!

Taking care of your laundry on Sunday means you don’t have to put any up throughout the week, and you have everything clean and ready for the week! As soon as I get up on Sunday morning, I throw in my first load. I can usually have 2-3 loads done before we head out for church. We have 5 kids, so 7 people total. The oldest does her own laundry, so I usually have about 6 loads a week.

2. Meal Plan

The next thing I do is map out my meal plan. This gives me my menu for the week and helps me create my grocery list. I look at our schedule for the week and determine what nights need the easiest meals, and how many kids we will have at those times. Mapping out my meal plan helps me stay accountable to both my healthy eating plan, and my budget! Even if all the money I spent on groceries went to just dinners, I would be saving a ton of money eating at home every night. I also prefer eating at home because it takes less time than going out to eat, I don’t have to keep crazy kids in a confined area for 2 hours, and the kids can work on their homework while I cook!

I highly recommend saving your meal plans. Once you have a few weeks done, you can just start recycling them every week, which will save you even more time. You can download the template I use for my meal planning here for free!

3. Look for Coupons/Rebates

Once I am done with my meal plan, I create my grocery list. With my grocery list made, I can then look at the HEB ad to see what is on sale, the HEB app for coupons, and Ibotta and Checkout 51 for any rebates on the stuff I am buying. This usually takes about an hour for me to do. If you don’t worry about saving money on your groceries, then you can totally skip this step. But, our grocery budget is about $350 a week for 7 people. Since we have a goal to pay off our debt this year, I include this step as long as I have time to. I usually save between $20 and $50 a week by doing this step.

4. Get Your Groceries

Now that you have your grocery list, it is time to go get those groceries! I am so lucky that my husband usually keeps the kids while I go to the grocery store. On the weekends we don’t have my kiddos, he will sometimes go with me to keep me company. He said he doesn’t much like going with me though because I walk too fast and don’t let him get any junk! lol That being said, this also usually takes about an hour.

I arrange my list by store sections. This is vegetables, dry goods, cleaning, personal care, frozen, dairy, and meat. This really helps me to not forget things while I am in that area.

5. Meal Prep

I love to have all my lunches prepared for the week. You can do as much or as little as you want on this step. You may choose to prep both yours and your husband’s lunch, or you may choose to include the kids’ lunches as well. I only prepare my lunches because I feel the kids’ sandwiches get gross when they are made too far in advance. My kids take lunch 3 times a week. They are all very boring and take the exact same thing every day! I guess that makes it super easy on me though; I don’t have to worry about planning cutsie lunches every day.

I have adapted all my recipes for my lunches to make them super easy to prepare. It usually only takes me about 30 minutes to prepare them. I am working on getting a cookbook done to share all these recipes with you! I also chop any vegetables that I will be needing throughout the week.

Now you can map out your own game plan to soar through your weeks with ease and enjoy your morning cup of coffee instead of rushing to make sure everyone’s lunches are made. Although, there are 20 million other things we are doing in the mornings to get everyone out the door!

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